01    Daylight Simulator, RCA, London, 2014  

02    Daylight Simulator, Pumphouse Gallery, London, 2015   


~ Daylight Simulator

‘With greater Distance from the equator, in geographical areas of lower light, symptoms of disorder increase. SAD patients often report rapid remission of their depression when visiting locations between the equator and 30°N latitude, like the Virgin Islands and Nigeria.’ The Physician

Part Therapeutic Device, part semi-real Artefact the simulator is a super bright illuminant scripted to the sunlight of Barbados. Two full spectrum fluorescent tubes which are almost equivalent to natural sunlight are commonly used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - a type of winter-depression which has a seasonal pattern and believed to be caused by the reduced exposure to sunlight. Its symptoms are most commonly known in countries with a low latitude or citizens working and living in enclosed buildings with restricted sunlight.
The light turns an environment into a site for therapy and geographical representation. 

Things We Didn’t Have Before, Pumphouse Gallery,
London, UK, 2015