01 - 03     Workshop, Copleston Community Centre, London, UK
Tranlation of personal backgrounds such as the country of origin and interests are translated into flower arrangements 

01    Interview 01, The Co-operation of Guyana, Copleston Community Centre, London, 2014 

02     Interview 02, The Turks & Caicos Islands, Copleston Community Centre, London, 2014 

03     Interview 03, Jamaica, Copleston community Centre, 2014   

04     Workshop Scene, Copleston Community Centre, London, 2014 

05   The co-operation of Guyana, painting, uknown artist  

06     White House State Dinner by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter for Margaret Thatcher. 
Credits: The White House Archive 

~ Embassies

‘Inside The Embassy’ explores the possibilities of a Diplomatic Mission serving individuals and not a country. Within a Community Centre in South London - a hub for social gathering and a multitude of citizenship - specific events are used as an instrument to render the identity and cultural patterns of each member. Their social backgrounds are translated into flower arrangements and reveal a zone of representation when transposed into the context of a home.
Within those activities, props become agents reflecting on the commonalities of each member - a tropical background, immigration status and their neighbourhood. The political notion of flowers draw similarities as to those used inside embassies or throughout official events at the white house where flowers are used as a political statement to invite and contribute to diplomatic relationships.
Cinematographer: Emma Dalesman, Camera: France Freeman Editor: Omar Barchetta Copleston community Centre Peckham

Cinematographer: Emma Dalesman
Camera: France Freeman 
Editor: Omar Barchetta  
Copleston community Centre Peckham 

Workshop, Film, Exhibiton,  
Copleston Community Centre, London, UK, 2014